Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Space needed

Posted by PicasaI need a bigger garage. R2 usually lives at work but was in need of some urgent maintanance with bits falling of him all over. Being made out of much lighter weight material and not being very well constructed he is now showing signs of wear. Still he has lasted well considering he normally lives in a secondary school class room. Now that Emys new amplifier has been fitted and sound board moved there is abit more space inside the body to get to things although it is still very untidy with lots of wires, maybe a tidy up is due.The rear panel also has a large hole in it where the car head unit was fitted so I will have to do something about this.
I also came across an old phot of R2 playing in the snow that I forgot to post some time ago, I glad the summer is on the way.

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