Monday, 13 September 2010

R6.E1 Center foot

I am slowly getting towards a new center foot. The side detials are now complete and ready for attaching although I still need to work out a system to attach them so they can easily be removed to give access to the bolt. The metal strip front and back has been made in one piece and slips over the top and will be fixed in place, this adds even more strenght to the foot. The center wheel is now at 4.3" and as enogh space, just to spin 360 degrees. I am going with one center caster as I will be fitting a torsion bar that will brace the foot, stopping it from tipping forwards and backwards. This bar will be fitted on the back of the foot. It will not be an original look but to be honest I have stopped caring about making a perfect replica, what I am building now is a working Droid that will not fall apart when it runs on rough surfaces. The bar that runs up from the back of the foot and up under the skirt will be ajustable and spring loaded adding a kind of suspension and adjustability to the foot angle. If the system works as I hope I will fit the same system to each of the rear feet when they are remade.I still think that metal feet will be the way to go but because I am unable to weld this is the next best material to use for the feet. A few road based events will test to see if this new design works and is strong enough.

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